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Vincent Mosch

Born in 1969, I originally studied communication research, psychology and german literature.
I am a professional photographer since 1997 and creative consultant and designer since 1999.


My idea is to deliver a product, that fits the clients needs and refers to aesthetic and technical standards. Although photography (as well as design in general) is a visual thing, I always try to recognize the context as good as possible. Even without a formal concept or guideline, one should try to understand what fits into the surrounding (and budget) best.


As well big and small companies and organizations have been my clients, lots of cooperations became long-term relationships for many years.

In the 1990s I started with food photography and a little later with jobs for the Daimler Corporation related to their real estate development project at Potsdamer Platz. I was covering the official photographic documentary and all things concerned with press work and public relations. These years have been my starting point for architecture photography as well as for event photgraphy. The Daimler Corporation in these days was very present in Berlin and invested about 2 Billion Euro in their project, located right in the city center. Accordingly a big range of public events took place, from festivals to many receptions and tours with VIP guests from all over the world.

At Potsdamer Platz I met my mentor and friend Prof. Michael Ruetz, and got the opportunity to work with him at his "Timescape" project. It made me familiar with very classic ideas of photography in portrait and landscape – see the world from a timeless perspective. What is pretty much the contrary of marketing, advertsing and self-promotion.

What else in Berlin can be a photographic field, apart from buildings and events? – Politics!
I've never been working for a political party but I've spent quite much time in the sphere of political work – and took photos mainly for foundations, embassies, associations and of course for Berlin Press Club:
It's a big gift to have the occassion of taking photos of people from the political federal level, with no need to receive a certain result or to hurry in any way. Of course everything seen and heard is to kept strictly confidential.

In the real estate business I still spend time at Potsdamer Platz, that meanwhile goes through a period of restructuring.
Another long-term engagement is, that I really became a specialist for property portfolios spread over the nation. Objects of all kinds, that are to be acquired or sold for real estate funds. The second client's website, that has exclusively my photographoc work is the website of DFI Deutsche Fondsimmonilien Holding AG:

Very very helpful: Seeing things from the highground position!