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Event Photography

Event Photography

Dialogue, Reception, Conference

Annnual meetigs, national days, and other periodical events are important dates, where organizations welcome their guests for exchange, representation and networking. I guess that the photographer's job here isn't only catching every aspect of importance, but being an adequate part of the evening.

To step into any situation with a camera in your hand makes you part of the scene. Also in events, that aim for dialogue in it's various forms and that are part of institutional communication, it is necessary to understand, that every show has it's staging and follows certain rules.

My intention is to find the right level of presence. Of course you need to be close to the stage, but never be "on stage" as well. For some people it is somehow intimidating, when a camera comes too close. Doubtlessly the "closer picture", from the photographic view point, seems to be more interesting than a more distanced position. But I think it is good to remember, that people in such contexts haven't been invited for a dedictaed photo-shooting.

This is different from the kind of event where everybody should feel like a celebrity. What I think is ridicolous, as well as arranging every scene into a group photo. Some people like it and it depends on what people intend to do with the photos. My personal attitude is much more to leave things as they are and grab a nice moment that tells something about the situation.